Engaging campaigns

Give customers a reason to experience and recommend your brand.

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Start with sophisticated customer segmentation

Data-driven customer engagement

Combine multiple databases and segment your customer base by tier, product, spend, buying patterns, demographics, or any other parameter you find valuable.

Create relevant offers

Increase engagement and boost sales in all directions

Set up simple to complex point-earning rules based on different attributes and create offers that each of your customer segments will love.

Examples of campaigns:

πŸ’ͺ🏼 Earn 100 points each time you visit our gym (max 500 points per month).

πŸ› Earn 2X points on all purchases this coming weekend

🏷 Visit our store again within a month and get a 20% discount

🏩 On your third visit within six months, get a free one-night hotel stay

πŸ’΅ Spend $300 in a month and get a free REWARD

πŸŽ‚ Happy birthday! Here is a gift of 1,000 points on your special day

πŸ’― As a welcome gift we give you 1,000 points the first time you use your card

πŸ’³ Because you are one of our most valued customers, we will give you 1,000 points as a bonus the next time you use your card.

πŸ‘© On Mother’s Day, get 2X points on all purchases

πŸ•° Visit our store from 7 PM to 9 PM this Tuesday and receive 1,000 points as a bonus

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Simulate your campaign

Predictive insights and simulation

Simulate and regression test your rules and campaigns before launch. Understand potential costs and customer activity.

Communicate your offer

Use the most relevant channel to talk to your customers

Use emailers, push notifications, social media, SMS, letters, or any other channel that will drive maximum engagement from your customers. Use our inbuilt tools to manage your campaign.

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Monitor your campaigns

Use our inbuilt tracking and analytics tools

Measure open rate, click rate, purchases, engagement metrics, and other data to evaluate the success of your campaign and the ROI.

Data-driven insights & decisions

All the data you need to run better campaigns

Data-driven predictions and recommendations to help you make the right decisions. Insights to enable you to understand your customer better.

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Why R360

A customer engagement ecosystem

How we help you acquire, engage and retain customers

Loyalty, experience & rewards platform

Points & Customer Management

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Customer Segmentation

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Campaign Engine

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Global Rewards Platform

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High Level of Personalisation

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Platform Management

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Loyalty Program Management

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Concierge Services

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Best Practices

Data, analytics and success metrics

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Loyalty strategies & best practices

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