Customer segmentation & personalisation

Make your customers feel valued by offering them contextual and relevant personalised campaigns, exciting experiences, and valuable rewards.

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Sophisticated customer segmentation

Data-driven customer engagement

Combine multiple databases and segment your customer base by tier, product, spend, buying patterns, demographics – or any other parameter you find valuable.

Campaigns and offers that convert

Flexible, integrated, and results-based

Create campaigns and offers based on your customer segments. Personalise each campaign to bring genuine value to the customer.

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High level of personalisation

Set up unique portal experiences

Customise the reward redemption experience. Give extra discounts, special offers, and even unique experiences to your loyal customers.

Personalised offers

Based on customer category, total spends and geolocation among others.

Recommended products

Based on customer spend patterns.

Segmented catalogue

Exclusive offers and differential pricing based on product and customer category.

Customised pricing

Points value of a product can differ by customer profile and product category.

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Powerful points engine

Customers earn points on what matters to them.

Set up simple to complex point-earning rules based on what matters to your segments. Let customers earn points on product usage, purchases, credit card spend, activities and so on.

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Graphical visualisation of customer engagement

Data-driven insights & decisions

All the data you need to run better campaigns

Data-driven predictions and recommendations to help you make the right decisions. Insights to enable you to understand your customers better.

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Why R360

A customer engagement ecosystem

How we help you acquire, engage and retain customers

Loyalty, experience & rewards platform

Points & Customer Management

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Customer Segmentation

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Campaign Engine

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Global Rewards Platform

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High Level of Personalisation

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Platform Management

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Loyalty Program Management

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Concierge Services

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Best Practices

Data, analytics and success metrics

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Loyalty strategies & best practices

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