Constantly improve your ROI

Data-driven insights & decisions

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Data-driven insights & decisions

All the data you need to continually improve your loyalty & rewards program

Learn more about your customers and analyse valuable data points of their engagement with your brand and loyalty & reward program.

Customer insights data

Analyse and better understand your customer segments.

Loyalty program efficiency

Review points collection and understand what drives your customers.

Reward program efficiency

Identify the rewards your customers love to get.

Campaign efficiency

Review the effectiveness of your campaigns and calculate ROI.

Examples of reports

Spending patterns

Product sales

Conversion rates CTR

Points reconciliation



Redemption trends


Accrual report

Redemption report

Points expiry

Active promo report

Monthly points balance



Dormant users

Exception reports



Secure data integrations for actionable insights

We help you integrate your CRM, applications and partners to create the most powerful data reporting and loyalty platform.

Why R360

A customer engagement ecosystem

How we help you acquire, engage and retain customers

Loyalty, experience & rewards platform

Points & Customer Management

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Customer Segmentation

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Campaign Engine

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Global Rewards Platform

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High Level of Personalisation

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Platform Management

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Loyalty Program Management

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Concierge Services

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Best Practices

Data, analytics and success metrics

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Loyalty strategies & best practices

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